Alan & Lyn Newton

Studio Potters in Stoneware & Porcelain

Alan and Lyn met at Wallasey College of Art, Merseyside in 1967. Alan was undertaking a three-year course in industrial ceramics and Lyn was studying Fine Art. Alan became more interested in studio pottery and taught himself to throw on the Potter’s Wheel and hand build. Lyn’s flair for colour and applied decoration complimented Alan’s pots. They therefore decided to combine talents and set up business together in 1986. After living and working in Sheffield for a number of years they returned to Merseyside to live on the Wirral and start their small business making pottery at their studio at home and selling from the newly renovated Albert Dock, in Liverpool. Their business continued for 16 years. They then moved on to produce work for individual galleries around Britain.

Their studio consisted of two small workshops and a small area to display their creations.

Most of the pots were thrown in porcelain or stoneware on the potter’s wheel. However, Alan also made decorative wall plaques and hand built slab pots. Once the pots had been created, Lyn decorated them in glazes and oxides using brush decoration. The pots were then fired in an electric kiln to a temperature of 128 degrees C. At this temperature the clay was vitrified and became impervious to water.

Alan and Lyn exhibited regularly at Pottery fairs around Britain.